Monday, 1 December 2014

Slowly Building A World

Some new bits of work today to show everyone! The top piece is me continuing to explore ideas for my "nord" race, I'm trying to avoid some of the big stereotypical Viking aesthetics, (apart from the beards that is), so that my world looks really unique. I am trying to expand on the priest character that I designed the other day into all aspects of the "nord" look, in my head I have their culture as very religious, going as far to say that they are fanatics. So I am using lots of symbols and markings combined with helmets that are more ritual in nature than military. Still plenty of work to do on them.

The second picture is me exploring a new race in my IP, the elves in my world again are not going to be your traditional elves. These crystal forests are going to be where the elves are born, almost like genetically grown but more "magical". The overall design of the elves will be very animalistic and ferocious but I will explore more of that in their character designs. Hope you enjoy my design thoughts and its not just boring text to read. Till next time. 

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