Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have a lot of work to show you guys, this lot above is just the tip of the iceburg! The top character sketch was me jumping ahead a little bit, on monday I started to do some head skecthes for my nord race, just to get ready for doing the full designs, my second design got me so pumped full of ideas though, that I had to do a full sketch. 

The background behind the character is that what with the dawning of ragnarok, the nords have become very paranoid, thus their religious cults have began to take more impact upon their daily lives. The most notable of these cults is "the brotherhood of silence", they dwell in great monuments near the sea and any body of water, believing they are always near an area of cleansing. 

That's about it so far, (the environment sketch is an idea I had for these monuments) but as I keep designing more keeps coming to me, my projects beginning to feel more like a lived in world, than just a bunch of random images! Till next time. 

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