Wednesday, 17 December 2014

All About That Line Art

Been beavering away on a high quality piece these past few days, the early stages have taken me a bit longer than I would like but this was mainly due to destiny (that game is slowly sucking my life away!). The line art for the piece is pretty much done though, only a few things to finish up. The picture on the right is my initial sketch phase, where I just play around with the characters design, the left piece is when I take all those ideas and tighten them up into the final line art pass, I love photoshop when it comes to easily editing and reiterating on pictures like this!

Her horns haven't been sketched in yet and I'm thinking of not including them at all due to some feedback on twitter, someone mentioned it looked like smoke, so I'm thinking of playing around with that idea. Should have the whole piece finished by the end of the week but first I am going to do a few colour tests using a technique I learned from a sellfy video I picked up, hopefully it will speed up my colouring process a lot as that's probably one of my weakest areas at the moment (as you've all probably noticed with all the black and white paintings). Till next time. 

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