Sunday, 21 December 2014

Conquering Frustration

I had another bout of "ugh I can't do this!" and "I suck at drawing!" a few days ago and it pretty much ground my work flow to a halt (not something you want with uni deadlines looming). So I took a step back from photoshop and analysed what it was that was annoying me so much with my work?? Usually with me it's a technical issue, I can't get the hand to look right, the head looks wrong or something else along those lines. The solution?? Get better at that thing! If you can't draw heads (as in my case) draw loads of them, look at tutorials or just look at pictures of people and breakdown them down into simple shapes. Yeah it can be pretty dull but it's worth it for the pay off. Granted I'm still trying to work out how to draw the head at extreme angles but the other angles I think I have nailed pretty well. All this from six to eight hours a day, for the past four days. 

I guess what I am trying to say is, don't keep banging your head against a piece, step back analyse what's wrong, go away and get good at that thing and then go back to your painting /drawing a apply your new techniques, it's a great feeling! Till next time. 

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