Saturday, 3 January 2015

Heraldry Designs

It's been pretty quiet on the blog lately and I do apologise! It's not for a lack of work it's mainly due to other projects getting in the way, such as games proposal and futures but I can never resist sketching new stuff for my honours project. 

Above is the result of me having a spare ten mins here and there, the bottom picture are designs for elven banner tops and heraldry, these all came pretty quickly to me due to having done so much design work on the elven look, I just borrowed aspects from the costume design and made sure to repeat the circular logo, just to keep them all unified. The ones at the top I struggled a lot more with, having left my nords a while back they haven't really had as much love and care as the elves, makes me realise that I really need to crack on with them, (so their heraldry will be revised).......not to mention the other two races I still need to start designing. Will be updating more frequently after today too, what with new year and Christmas out of the way. Till next time.

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