Monday, 26 January 2015

Bird Studies

First day back at uni today so it was time to get back into the swing of doing honours work. With a lot of work invested into my elven and nord races I thought it was time that I started to design the third race. A quick search through Google and I stumbled upon Huginn and Muninn, these two ravens are part of norse mythology, so it sticks with my over arching theme. I want to create a really unique race with this third race, so I am looking at having them look like an amalgamation between bird and man. 

To start things off I just looked at ravens and did a couple of studies to try and spark up some ideas in the old grey matter, I have  have a few thoughts, nothing really to do with the design of the race but more to do with their anatomy. I am thinking of having them with bird heads and humanoid bodies, possibly with elongated limbs. For now though I present to you some bird paintings! Till next time.

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