Thursday, 8 January 2015

Elven Weapon Designs

Not a huge update today because I'm still finishing up other work, on the plus side though I finally finished my futures work and had some time to squeeze in some sketchbook work! As I had already done a load of weapon designs for my nords I though it was only fair that I did some for the elves. I didn't have a solid idea for what I wanted apart from the fact I knew they had to be knives, so I looked at everything from throwing knives to knuckle duster style knives and even kunai. As you can see on the second page of sketches I went with the knuckle duster knives, I wanted something that was very fast and agile, allowing the elves to get up close and personal really quickly. 

Also to make sure I had covered everything I threw them into Photoshop and turned them into  silhouettes to see what shapes worked and what didn't. I found that a lot of them looked to "spikey" which I wasn't wanting, the much softer curves seemed to work better. Going to take all this and start designing some fully rendered knives, who knows there might be colour! Till next time. 

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