Friday, 23 January 2015

Ikit Claw

Two updates in two days, see I can be productive! I've been tinkering away on my ikit claw fan art (which you can see above) today and I am slowly getting to a stage where I am happy with it. When I sat down this afternoon I had big plans to redo a lot of him but in the end I only adjusted a few things and just started rendering it. I am really trying to push my understanding of OSL (object source lighting) to create a really atmospheric piece, plus who doesn't like a rat with a giant claw that has an in built flame-thrower! 

I just want to quickly mention that in my opinion (which isn't much to go on) to become a better artist you really need to explore other avenues, these could be things like miniature painting, reading or writing stories. I think it helps expand your horizons as an artist by just opening you up to all these other forms of art. Character designs can be inspired by a passage in a book or a colour palette could be taken from a miniature you've seen, I just think it gives you more material to store in your mental reference library. The picture above for example wouldn't exist if I hadn't started reading the warhammer; end times thanquol book. Till next time, which might be Saturday if you're lucky. 

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