Friday, 20 February 2015

If You Go Down Into the Woods Today.......

It's finished! This piece has been one hell of a learning curve for me but it's been well worth it in the end. The initial problem with this piece was that I approached it by doing all the line art first, which completely threw me when it came to rendering it because I don't typical paint like that any more, so I had to spend a lot of extra time going over the line art and then re painting stuff, which was a bit of a chore to say the least.
Apart from that though there wasn't many other problems with this piece, design wise I would have preferred to have it a bit more grisly, with more trophies and animal carcasses dotted around, to suggest animal sacrifice and black magic, which lines up more with the character designs I have done for the elven race. Overall though I am really pleased with the final result. I am thinking of doing a painting to represent the interior of one of these huts and incorporating the things I mentioned above, so that there is a bit more harmony between the elves and their homes. Till next time!

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