Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Children Of Odin

Another day and another piece of concept art. This is my first pass at designing, "the children of odin", this race I imagine are fanatical followers of odin and aspire nothing more to be his subjects, whether it be in this life or the afterlife. They don't want to mock there God by imitating his form, so they choose to represent themselves as his ravens.
With this loose background in my head I really tried to focusses in on the avian aspect, so this meant lots of fur and feathers in which they coat themselves and piercing black eyes. I dint want to give them bird noses but I still wanted to have the nose slits, I imagined that this is a birth right and that the elders carve these holes into your nose to show that you are a true son of odin. Pretty happy with them so far but still plenty of work to go on them. Till next time. 

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