Monday, 9 February 2015

Post Apocolyptic Elves

Menacing line up isn't it?? So these would have been done a while ago but my computer conveniently decided that it wanted to cause me all sorts of problems, much appreciated what with my end of year deadline looming oh so close.

Onto the concept art, above are pretty much final designs of what the elves are going to look like, I took a lot of my work from pervious designs, such as the skull and bone, mix match of materials and the war paint and spent some time refining it. Really pleased with who these turned out, think I am really beginning to capture that "post apocalyptic fantasy" theme I had in my head. Going to put these fella's onto twitter and see which ones people like, from there it's time to take them into full sketches, something that I could hand over to a 3D modeller and they would be able to create it.

My bird race is also well under way now but you will have to wait a little bit longer till you see that. Till next time.

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