Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Biome Studies

I'm back at university it feels like at the moment! After the feedback I received on the forgotten pool I really wanted to take a step back from creating fully rendered images and wanted to focus on the fundamentals.

My first port of call was to just grab a load of reference images, for particular things I wanted in these scenes. So for the desert environment, I need to see how sand works, how it reacts to light and how it holds it's shape. I also needed to see what types of plant life grow in desert environments, it's not going to be lovely rose bushes now is it. With all the reference collected I spent about four to six hours on each scene trying to remain true to how these things work in real life but trying to avoid spending hours rendering a rock. I learned a heck a lot from these and hop to apply this to a new environment painting, hopefully that will be an improvement on my last one. Till next time!

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