Saturday, 18 July 2015

Robots And Desolate Wasteland

So you remember those robot silhouettes from about a week ago, well I took a few of them and made some more fleshed out designs of them. My main goal with the designs was to make something look a little more believable, with actual joints, gears and bits of machinery. I did this by using a lot of photos and painting over them until I got something I liked, I used car engine parts, spark plugs and medical equipment to name a few of my references. This sped up my design process a lot, as I wasn't trying to invent these mechanical parts, so I can focus on the overall design of the robot instead. The photos also informed a lot of the look of the robots, such as the armoured plating, I'm hoping to push these methods and concepts further by adding photo textures to make them look more realistic. The fifth design is probably the one I will do these experiments on!   
In a bid to not just focus on character design I have also been doodling some thumbnails for a environment piece. I've had in my head for a while now, it's based on a extract from a book I am currently reading called, The Left Hand Of God, more on that later on though. Till next time!

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