Wednesday, 8 July 2015


So in a bid to try improve how long it takes me to come up with initial sketches and designs I have decided to go back to a programme I was shown in my first year of university. Alchemy is a free programme which lets you quickly make shapes, these can be then used as the basis for character designs or possibly environments. The above image was made for just that purpose, I wanted to design a robot but always struggle coming up with shapes quickly, without getting caught up in my line art, so I thought why not give alchemy a crack.
I'm going to take about four of these designs and throw some more paint on them, see if I can't flesh them out into something cool. Hopefully will have a few pages of designs and concepts which I can then use to make a character illustration at the end, got to keep building that portfolio! Thinking of possibly making an alien species with this technique. Till next time.
Here's a link to the alchemy site if anyone is interested -

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