Wednesday, 29 April 2015


So deadlines are getting closer and closer and the panic is really beginning to set in, therefore it seems I have become a concept art producing machine! With at least 50% of one of my races still to go I'm really having to put the hours in, thankfully I enjoy painting so it's not too much of a chore.
Above you can see the very nearly finished designs for a nord marshal and foot soldier. To contrast with the other two races I've really pushed the armour on them, so lots of bulky shoulder pads and a much larger amount of metallics. The masks are hopefully going to be the big distinguishing feature, with each member wearing one of these elaborate gilded masks. They also tie back into the backstory of these guys, with them belonging to the clan of the silent man. each member of the clan must at all time hide there face and it is seen as a crime to show yourself in public. I also have some helmet designs, clan emblems and a bear knight to show you guys so just bear with me and you will see them soon ;) Till next time!

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