Sunday, 16 November 2014

Understanding The Human Head

Sorry I have been pretty quiet lately but there is a reason, I promise! That reason is a lot to do with the above pictures, so my main passion in games is characters, I love creating weird, unique and interesting people to fill game worlds, my main problem is that my faces always look so dam weird! To rectify this I have been doing loads of studies on the facial features. There are a lot more sketchbook pictures that go with these but I didn't want to bore you guys with all the technical stuff, you come here for pretty pictures right!? (Well I hope!) With these done I am going to hopefully attempt a portrait next combining all that I have learned from my studies, after that characters shouldn't be a problem!......well apart from hands, posture and proportions but I will get to those, one step at a time. Till next time.  

P.s - If your'e interested where I got all the information to do these I followed a lot of this guys tutorials, the guys brilliant, helped me loads!

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