Friday, 15 January 2016

Landscapes, Landscapes and Starting Again!

So the 21 day art challenge was going pretty well.......then the weekend hit and my social life derailed it completely! So we got through a total of 5/21 before I failed, not very impressive is it! My original plan was to just carry on from where I left off but I feel like that defeats the whole purpose of the exercise. So I have decided to start again back to day 1, albeit with a few more back up plans for if I'm going to be unable to post that day. Here's hoping I can pull it off this time.

Above is day one of the second attempt if you're wondering, this is actually my second attempt at todays piece, the other piece has been saved away for possible use later on, it involved over cast lighting and I really seem to struggle with that. That's why I went with the very stark lighting you see in the above painting, it's a little more forgiving and to be honest looks a lot more exciting. Till next time! 

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