Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The End

So the project I have been blogging about for the past eight months or so now is finally finished! The books all wrapped up and ready to be sent off to be printed. It only feels like yesterday when I thought I had plenty of time and the project started out as a sci-fi wildstar inspired world. Oh how things changed!
Above you can see the very last three character designs I created and they are up there with my nord characters with how pleased I am with them, especially the bird man, I had so much fun designing him. with these three I really tried to push the idea of them being different branches of a cult yet still retaining similar visual cues. These were in the form of the colour palette, chains and the inclusion of bits of wood, with the symbol of Odin crudely painted onto them. I hope the idea comes across to you guys. Till next time!

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